Meeting Aaron Hart

Meeting Aaron Hart

I’m Aaron Hart, a 16 year old from Oakham, Peterborough. I’m also a 1st year right footed centre midfielder for Peterborough United, where I was scouted playing for my local football club at the age of 13. Throughout these blogs, I’ll be sharing with you my experience as a professional footballer and  you will be able to read about my story to try and get into the first team!

As a centre midfielder, I’m naturally defensive minded and I enjoy breaking up the opposition’s attacking play, similar to Wanyama and Makelele’, where I sit in front of the back four and I look to switch play when in possession to keep the ball moving and keep the opposition running, which will allow our attacking players to create space and be creative going forward.

With regards to this season, I’m not overly happy with my individual performances because I haven’t played as much as I like too. I do understand that second years need to play regularly as it’s their last year to impress and earn a professional contract, but I’m working hard in training so I can’t be ignored from the team selection. I realise I’m also young, so my performances aren’t always going to be consistent, but it’s something I’ve noted and will work on.

As a team, we’re currently playing in a 4-2-3-1 and I’m playing in the 2. When in possession, my role is to keep possession of the ball to help work space for other teammates to move into and when we’re attacking, it’s important to communicate with the other player in the 2 so one of us can go and support the attack whilst the other sits deep and protects the defence. When we’re out of possession it’s important that I screen the ball into the striker’s feet or alternatively pick up a player.

This week in training we’ve been working on attacking in the final third where the wide players come inside and the fullbacks overlap. My role when we’re working on this area is to be able to time my passing and provide a good weight of pass to play either the fullbacks, wingers or strikers behind the defence.

As it’s my first year, I want to get a good season under my  belt, so I need to make sure I’m playing regularly and when I get my chance I’m able to take it and perform well. Once I’ve got this mastered, then I want to make a few appearances for the Under 21’s team. I’ve also had a good meeting with the coach and he wants me to run with the ball and trust my ability more, which is something that I think will come with confidence and playing more regularly.

We’ve got a great set of lads and I think we’ll do well this year, I do think that Morgan Penfold is a player to watch for us because he scores a lot of goals and is only 17, but has made his first team debut already. The first team look in good shape too and I think that Leo Da Silva Lopes is playing well recently and is also very young.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into my life as a professional footballer and I’ll keep you updated throughout the season!

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