Lewis Elsom, Goalkeeper

Lewis Elsom, Goalkeeper

I’m Lewis Elsom. I’m 17 year’s old from Peterborough and 2nd year right footed Goalkeeper for Peterborough United. I’ve been with the club since 8 years old, when I was scouted playing for my Dad’s local team, Eye United. All the other lads have written some blogs, but I thought it’s about time all you goalkeepers had an insight about being a professional footballer too!!

As a goalkeeper, I would say that I have a similar playing style to Claudio Bravo – good with my feet and very agile. As a team we have a philosophy of playing football on the ground, to feet and we prefer to play out from the back from a goal kick. It’s also important that I offer myself as an option to any of my defenders on the ball, which is why it’s important that I continue to work on my technical ability too.

I’ve had a mixed start to the season because I’ve been inconsistent with my performances. I’ve had some great games, where I’ve made fantastic saves and played well, but equally I’ve had a couple of games where I’ve made some bloopers. I’m confident that the more game time I have, the more composed I’ll be and the consistency will come indigenerics.com. My consistency will also help the team as I can be a player where the team know they can rely on my performances to bail them out of a bad game and can help breathe confidence throughout the team.

As my role is a keeper, I’ve got to make sure that I communicate well to the back four. In possession, it’s important that I show myself as an option on the ball and I’m comfortable to receive and make passes to my team. My distribution to teams mate to help start attacks is an asset too. When we’re out of poessesion, I need to communicate and keep them organised so that we have a structure to the team and they are alert to the potential dangers of a counter attack. It’s also important when they the opposition are attacking, I talk to the centrebacks and let them know where their man is so they can either pass them on to a teammate or make sure they’re able to mark them.

This week in training has been focused on the outfield players being more ruthless in the opopsition’s area. So although I haven’t worked on anything in particularly technical, I’ve enjoyed it as I’ve been able to work on my shot stopping and 1v1’s. Throughout the season, I want to keep 10 clean sheets and become regularly involved in the Under 21’s. After speaking to my coach, Jack Collison, we’ve decided that I need to make more saves and be brave and throw myself at everything regardless of the situation.

My first team buddies have been Dion Henry and Luke McGee which is great because both of them are in the first team and have gone through the youth system and have made it to professional level. So they’ve been in my shoes and understand the system, so speaking to them is valuable for advice.

As a goalkeeper, my strength and power is important for all aspects of my game. I need good powerful legs to jump and save high shots, and to collect corners and crosses I need to have a strong core and upper body. As a result of this, I’m usually in the gym every day. My individual programme is mainly lower body stuff but I also train my upper body strength and power in my own time after training.

I’ll keep you updated throughout the season about my progress!

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