Harry Baldry – Posh

Harry Baldry – Posh

Unfortunately since my last article, I’ve been injury struck, so I haven’t had any game time. But reflecting on my first year, it was quite patchy and my form wasn’t particularly great. I’m confident in my ability, but I didn’t have much game time and when I did play, I’d play a few games then be on the bench again, so I found it difficult to keep my consistency.

Also, during my first year, adapting to the physicality of the youth team combined with the step up in intensity, I got a few niggles which also affected by selection due to injury. Overall, looking back it wasn’t the best way to start my scholarship, which Is why I’m keen to prove a point this year and step up.

Because I’ve been injured again this season, it’s been tough watching the lads struggle with results so far. They’ve played well but I think it’s just trying to educate ourselves in how to see a game out. Or again, making sure that we, as a team, perform consistently.

Although Christmas is coming up, we haven’t been given our schedules just yet. I know it’ll be extremely busy like last year, and no doubt due to a lack of games we’ll be working on fitness and getting together to conquer the second half of the season. Because of injury, I’ll make sure that I work extra hard over the Christmas season to prove I’m sharp and fit enough to go straight into the team.

I’ve also seen that a few of the boys tipped me to be a player to watch this season, which is kind of them but I’m just focusing on getting fully fit and then hopefully I can live up to their expectations! It’s also great that they believe in me, because as a player to have the support of the team means a great deal!

Outside of training, I like to chill out because sometimes being in with the physio and doing strength and conditioning is actually tougher than the training!! This is only because you’re trying to get back to their level of fitness, but it’s really hard work. I also really enjoy a game of snooker. I’d almost say it’s my second sport!

I also reflect on my personal video analysis in my spare time as it helps me to correct and improve upon my positioning. It’s really positive to watch yourself back and analyse yourself like a coach does and you can often see the points they’re about to make before they actually do!

Toughest team you’ve played; Luton – we won 3-0 but it was exhausting mentally trying to keep concentration and they were great at keeping and manipulating the ball!

Favourite Restaurant; Prezzo

Opinion on Rooney; I think he should start, very intelligent player and is always a positive influence on the team

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