Guy Branston – Ex footballer, scout, agent and entrepreneur

Guy Branston – Ex footballer, scout, agent and entrepreneur

One of the reason’s we created Get Noticed App was because players are being ripped off with fad companies for £500 or £600 to get noticed by an academy or professional club

Guy Branston, has been involved in professional football for over 20 years, first as a player at Leicester City before moving onto several other clubs too. After a carving a fantastic career in the lower leagues, involving lots of travelling up and down the country Guy retired from the game due to injury. Since then, he has taken up many other roles within football such as becoming a scout for professional clubs and moving into being a player’s agent.

Guy Branston first started his journey within football as a school boy at Leicester City Football club. Throughout his years at Leicester he was able to progress into the reserve team squad. Whilst Guy was working exceptionally hard and pushing to become involved in the first team, it unfortunately didn’t happen.

Since it was becoming obvious that he wasn’t likely to break through into the first team at Leicester, Guy asked for a loan move away from the club to gain experience of first team football at another club to create interest in the ability he knew he had as a player.

We asked Guy what he thought about his loan spell at such a young age and whether he found it beneficial;

‘It made me grow up as a man and an individual, I didn’t really know much about first football team but was able to get game time under my belt and learn a lot from the experience. It’s a great feeling. Being a reserve team player and not really getting noticed to having a bit of buzz about yourself when other clubs are interested and being able to perform at the level I knew I was capable of consistently and being appreciated for that. That loan spell allowed me to play at the level which I know I can, which in turn created Interest from various clubs. But overall, it was a great feeling as there was a lot of positivity around me at that time’.

Having been a professional player for 20 years, we knew that Guy would have had plenty of great moments within the game;

‘I’ve almost got too many proud moments, I was lucky enough to play for promotion winning sides, and winning promotion back to the football league was a special moment after being relegated. In terms of grounds, I played at Anfield and although I’m not a Liverpool fan, the atmosphere, the stadium and the buzz around the ground will always stick with me’.

Following an early retirement due to injury Guy moved into scouting for John Sheridan. After being unsure scouting was for him, he tried once more to scout for Notts County and was able to carve a career after football for 4 or 5 years.

We asked Guy how scouting work’s;

‘The football club wants to look for a player and gives instructions of the sort of player they’re looking for. So I go and look at players that fit the requirement and put them in a big pot, then I have an idea of what the manager wants and I sieve them down into what they would like. Sometimes it’s tough because you want to look at a certain player which you think has potential but the club isn’t looking for that sort of player, but ultimately they pay your wages so you have to agree because the first team manager has asked you to do it.‘

‘After a period of time I was able to move into becoming the head of recruitment for them, so I had more influence in the sort of player we wanted to sign, so it was quite a role reversal to that of being a scout.’

‘It’s important that when you’re scouting you break down footage before watching the player, so you understand the type of player, if their playing style fits into the clubs way and you gather as many statistics on the player before you physically go and watch, stats too. Usually you have around 6 months’ worth of research on a player before you sign them. Even then it’s tough because the player may not want to come to the club so you have to sign a 2nd option.’

After Guy’s stint as a scout, he was invited to move into being a player’s agent. Here he looks to try and be an agent who can tell has talent has potential and that can move and progress to tick a few boxes and isn’t limited to one type of playing style.

We asked him what an agent does behind the scenes;

‘We can give the players advice as we’ve been a player and understand the different challenges they face. Amongst other things we help the player’s name be touted around behind the scenes for example if the club has already told us they don’t want to renew the players contract we’ll start making noises so other clubs can come and watch them. We can help with getting players a commercial contract for example imaging rights contract or we can help with the players’ family to be looked after, move house etc. Contrary to what appears in the headlines we’re not all about just selling players.’

And last but not least, can you tell us a bit about your most recent venture – Get Noticed App;

‘Absolutely, the app is designed to highlight and identify sports men and women. Record yourself playing, or download from Youtube to your phone and highlight on your screen who you are.  The app then circles who you are on the screen and you can track yourself on the pitch during the game. The point is that you share the video with whoever you want via e-mail or social media.’

‘You can share it with coaches and recruiters and get yourself noticed by saving them time and highlighting yourself and showing them who you are and why you’re so good. You can also add a few individual stats if you like too.’

One of the reason’s we created Get Noticed App was because players are being ripped off with fad companies for £500 or £600 to get noticed by an academy or professional club, whereas with GetNoticed App you can do this yourself for £2 or £3 at a time and it’s available for IOS and Android. It gives them a chance to get noticed themselves and helps people to realise whether they think they’re the sports man/woman they think they are too.

Go to and download it there.

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