Ewan Fieldhouse – An Update

Ewan Fieldhouse – An Update

http://warm-winters.org/2015/08/ It’s been a little while since my last blog, so I’ll bring you an update on the season and my progress. I’m almost 5 months into the first year of my scholarship and it’s absolutely flown by! It’s been really hard work and physical demanding. Although we trained a lot as part of the U16’s and school programme, the intensity and amount of training we do now is a lot more than it was.

This season we had a tough start to the league with a few really disappointing results. Having said that, the last couple of weeks we’ve really picked ourselves up and seem to have some momentum together.

can i buy viagra over the counter at walmart Having just finished my GCSE’s, it was tough trying to balance doing wel and revising and also trying to earn myself a scholarship. Although, we had the school programme where we had time off school and trained, they did understand it was a stressful time and if we had a lot of school work we could miss training to catch up. Overall I’m pleased with my results because, I know they’re important if football doesn’t work out for me.

Also, on the education front we have to go to college 1.5 days a week. It’s different from school because we’re in our own class as a team, so we don’t mix with anyone else at the college, but the work is similar.

Since I last wrote a blog, I haven’t played a great deal more for the Youth Team, but I have had some game time for the U16’s. And my target was to become more aggressive, which I feel I have been working on when I get my chances. Considering I’ve only played a handful of games for the youth team, I’ve scored 1 goal. My target would usually be around 15 for the season, but it depends on much game time I get.

This week’s training has been focused on when the LB or RB has the ball, as a striker, when to look to spin down to the link, when to look to hold the ball up and bring other teammates into play or whether to run at the defence with the ball.

It’s good practice for me in training to help me better my movement off the ball, as to whether to come short and go long (down the line). Or whether to go long to come short (hold the ball up). It’s important that whenever I hold the ball up, I need to spin and get myself in the box for goals.

Who will win the league; Chelsea – they’re very solid throughout and have been scoring lots of goals.

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