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Firstly, congratulations to ‘Big Sam’ Allardyce for achieving the England managers role. It’s a tough role to take on as seen with the lack of England’s success in recent years even with several top players at their disposal. I mean this in no disrespect to Allardyce, but was he the most convenient man for the job as opposed to the best man for the job? If you look at the managers available to the FA, there were very few talented [...]

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I’m sure you all probably watched the Euro’s over the summer and saw England’s awful campaign versus a very solid Welsh campaign that saw them through to the semi-finals. What was it that made England so poor and Wales so successful? In my opinion it’s the following… Passion Everybody says that people playing for their country should be proud and passionate, with a fighting spirit to win at the highest level. This, I believe every international player has, but however players show [...]

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