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The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you’re the best… especially when you’re the best Gareth has been involed in football since the ages of 10 and has also had a fantastic career as a professional footballer, finishing his playing days at Wrexham with a testimonial against Manchester United in 2003. Born in Chester but Gareth considers himself form North Wales and being Welsh having been brought up in Connah’s Quay and living in North Wales [...]

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My name is Phil Watson I am a former professional footballer, I am currently qualified as level 2 Outfield Coach, Level 2 Gk Coach and FA Talent Id accredited, and I have worked for Burnley for 14 months in this part time capacity. I am the scouting coordinator for the Liverpool area for Burnley Fc. This means covering games from West Lancashire, Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan and the surrounding area which I a large area with a lot of good quality [...]

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Corin Evans is ex goalkeeper coach at Wycombe Wanderers Centre of Excellence and Brentford Academy. He is currently head of goalkeeping at AJD Football Coaching and you can contact him at and on twitter @CorinEvans I’m Corin Evans and my role is head of goalkeeping at AJD Football Coaching, a company that offers academy level coaching to grass roots clubs and players. I have previously been the goalkeeper Coach at Wycombe Wanderers Centre of excellence and [...]

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