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It still amazes me that some players are still one-footed!! Tell us about yourself Stephen; “My name is Stephen Copping and I’m a producer for, a multi-media production company. I also work freelance as a digital football producer and commentator for TV (including Spurs TV, and various Football Associations) and radio networks. I have worked in the football media industry since 1992”. How did you first get into commentating & journalism? “My first taste of football journalism was on a weekly football [...]

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Always learn from any negatives or setbacks that you may have had, sometimes something better is waiting just around the corner Marc, could you tell us about yourself? “I have been involved in football since a very young age playing grassroots and schools football etc. At the age of 18 whilst starting to study for my degree at the University of Birmingham I began to volunteer as a football coach, initially in a local primary school and then for a local [...]

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The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you’re the best… especially when you’re the best Gareth has been involed in football since the ages of 10 and has also had a fantastic career as a professional footballer, finishing his playing days at Wrexham with a testimonial against Manchester United in 2003. Born in Chester but Gareth considers himself form North Wales and being Welsh having been brought up in Connah’s Quay and living in North Wales [...]

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Six amazing grassroots venues to play outdoor football around London MyLocalPitch, the leading search and booking portal for grassroots sports, launched in January 2014 to make it easier to access and engage in physical activities. MyLocalPitch has huge experience of the grassroots football scene having worked with London’s finest sports facilities for a considerable period. Football is London’s most widely played grassroots sport and listed below are some of the top outdoor venues around London. Each of these facilities is perfect for a one-off kickabout with friends, [...]

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My name is Phil Watson I am a former professional footballer, I am currently qualified as level 2 Outfield Coach, Level 2 Gk Coach and FA Talent Id accredited, and I have worked for Burnley for 14 months in this part time capacity. I am the scouting coordinator for the Liverpool area for Burnley Fc. This means covering games from West Lancashire, Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan and the surrounding area which I a large area with a lot of good quality [...]


Richard Allen – Part 2

A foundation phase team will receive a review of their learning from games and training which is directly linked to our technical syllabus. The PMA (Player Management Adminstration) which all premier league academies have, is a website that stores everything we do from coaching sessions to match feedback, games, recruitment and more. The players can access this too, which really supports the process when they’re at home in a less pressured environment. For the foundation and youth phase this [...]


Richard Allen – A performance analyst

My name is Richard Allen and I oversee performance analysis for U9-16s at Nottingham Forest Academy. I have been in this role since June 2016 after previously being an analysis intern for 2 years whilst studying a coaching and sport science degree at Nottingham Trent University. My background is balanced between coaching and analysis, as I also coach within the foundation phase (U9-12) at the academy and have previously held coaching roles full time with The FA skills programme working [...]


Guy Branston – Ex footballer, scout, agent and entrepreneur

One of the reason’s we created Get Noticed App was because players are being ripped off with fad companies for £500 or £600 to get noticed by an academy or professional clubGuy Branston Guy Branston, has been involved in professional football for over 20 years, first as a player at Leicester City before moving onto several other clubs too. After a carving a fantastic career in the lower leagues, involving lots of travelling up and down the country Guy retired [...]


Harry Baldry – Posh

Unfortunately since my last article, I’ve been injury struck, so I haven’t had any game time. But reflecting on my first year, it was quite patchy and my form wasn’t particularly great. I’m confident in my ability, but I didn’t have much game time and when I did play, I’d play a few games then be on the bench again, so I found it difficult to keep my consistency. Also, during my first year, adapting to the physicality of the [...]