An Introduction to Morgan Penfold

An Introduction to Morgan Penfold

buy Lyrica 75 mg online My name is Morgan Penfold and I’ll be giving you an insight in my life as a professional footballer in the Youth Team for Peterborough United. I’m a 17 year old 2nd year, attacking player from Whittlesey, Peterborough.

As a local lad, I was scouted when playing for my local team at the age of 11 before being picked up by the development centre for Posh. After training and playing for the development centre, I was then asked to sign for the Academy side.

buy accutane online As an attack minded player, the role that I tend to enjoy when playing for the Youth Team is a box to box midfielder who likes to support the striker and try and support him as the 3rd man running. This allows me to create space for either my midfield teammates or for me to occupy the centre backs and allow the striker to create space and receive the ball to his feet. I like to think that my playing style is similar to Dele Ali and admire the success he’s found.

As a team I’m pretty happy with the start we’ve made to the season as I think we’ve played well as a team. There’s a few little things we need to sort out before we start dominating teams, which would be great. Personally, I would’ve like to have won more games because I’m very competitive and I want to win at all costs.

In the current formation, we’re playing a diamond 4-4-2, which means that I play number 10 at the top of the diamond, and I feel it’s my role to get on the ball and make things happen. What I mean by that, is to be creative, like an old fashioned Maradona, Messi and David Silva. Throughout the game, I’m always looking to play our striker in on goal or provide an assist somewhere.

Training this week has really helped because we’ve been focused on working on build up play around the box, so I’ve loved it and found it really beneficial. What I’ve learned from training is that it’s important to keep the ball moving at all costs whilst being patient and not rushing a pass to give away possession. I’ve been working on playing clever balls between the centre backs to feed the striker’s run and making sure they’re clinical with their finishing.

At the start of the season, I set my own goals to improve myself as a player and get noticed throughout the club. My aims are to score 20 goals and create 10 assists, but I also really want to start for the Under 21’s. My coach has also set me some aims for the season which is that I need to run forward more as the third man running and get beyond the striker and also to score as many goals as possible.

I love my job because I can come into training every day to play football and work on improving myself. My passion for the game is combined with my first team buddy being Gwion Edwards which really helps as it gives me a chance to speak to a first team member who plays in my position and helps me to pick up tips and tricks I can apply to my own game.

For me, the first team player to watch is George Moncur, he’s quite exciting to watch and seeing him around the training ground I think he has big things he can offer us. For the Youth Team, I’m confident that Kyle Barker will have a good season, being a teammate he’s impressed me with his start and I think he could go a long way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and I’ll be keeping you updated with my progress throughout the season!

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