Aaron Hart

Aaron Hart

Aaron Hart brings you an update in life as a Peterborough Youth Team player.

It’s been a while since my last blog, so I’ll bring you an update on the season and my progress. I’m almost 5 months into my scholarship and as a first year it’s been hard work making that step from the academy into the Youth Team and training and playing full time, but I absolutely love it. It’s very but satisfying when you see improvements in your game.

Settling into everyday life and getting into the routine of waking up sore and achey in pre-season feeling like you can’t move and doing a double session of fitness has worn off and I’ve settled in well. The second year lads have been very welcoming and helped me settle in and actually compared to what I thought, it’s been fairly easy!

Obviously as a 16 year old, I’ve just finished my GCSE’s and left school to start my scholarship and journey to becoming a professional footballer. Whilst I was studying it was very difficult and stressful to balance football training and the commitment and performance levels required, whilst also maintaining my studying to do as well as possible, in case I wasn’t offered a scholarship.

I have to say the club were very understanding and if we needed to miss training to catch up on a subject or revise, they allowed us to do that which really helped me. In the end it was all worth it because I was offered the scholarship and did well in my GCSE’s, getting 1A*, 4A’s, 5B’s and 2C’s. This has stood me in great stead as I’ve found balancing our college work and training quite easy.

We’re given plenty of time in class to complete the required work and I’m also doing the extra units. This means I have to teach myself these units at home which is fine as long as I get my head down.

When I’m not studying or training I usually like to just chill out in the afternoon and evenings and catch up with my mates or watch TV.

This week in training we’ve focused on retaining possession to keep the ball and make short quick passes and draw the defenders into that area before switching the play to the space on the other side of the pitch. It’s important to keep the ball and make the other side do the running, as more pockets of space will open up for us to play and dominate in.

Since I last wrote a blog, I played a bit more and I think I’m starting to become a bit more consistent. The areas I’m focusing on improving is receiving the ball on the back foot so it’s easier for me to turn away from the defender and create something.

Weird Habit; It’s not really a weird habit, but I come from a religious family so I say a prayer before I play

Who will win the premiership; Chelsea – they look strong and no European football will help them this year

Favourite Restaurant; Nando’s

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