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Richard Allen – Part 2

A foundation phase team will receive a review of their learning from games and training which is directly linked to our technical syllabus. The PMA (Player Management Adminstration) which all premier league academies have, is a website that stores everything we do from coaching sessions to match feedback, games, recruitment and more. The players can access this too, which really supports the process when they’re at home in a less pressured environment. For the foundation and youth phase this [...]


Richard Allen – A performance analyst

My name is Richard Allen and I oversee performance analysis for U9-16s at Nottingham Forest Academy. I have been in this role since June 2016 after previously being an analysis intern for 2 years whilst studying a coaching and sport science degree at Nottingham Trent University. My background is balanced between coaching and analysis, as I also coach within the foundation phase (U9-12) at the academy and have previously held coaching roles full time with The FA skills programme working [...]