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Life in Football improves grassroot players understanding of the professional football system to help develop better home grown talent.

What’s unique about us, is that we care about your development.

We’re here to help you improve your understanding of the professional football system to encourage your development to hopefully become scouted whilst developing home grown talent.

We have affiliations with real clubs and interview their academy players and coaches so that you can learn from their experiences and coaching tips on how to become a professional footballer 

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Harry Varley – Residential Academy

There are no “off days”, I finish the week with the feeling that I am on the ground working alongside [...]

Q & A with Stephen Copping

It still amazes me that some players are still one-footed!! Tell us about yourself Stephen; “My name is Stephen Copping and [...]

Marc Campbell – Wolves Assistant Academy Manager

Always learn from any negatives or setbacks that you may have had, sometimes something better is waiting just around [...]

FA Wales – Gareth Owen

The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you’re the best… especially when you’re the [...]